About Us

California is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States and we owe to this city for our existence. We began our journey as a biker friendly enterprise who deals in a range of stylish and safe leather jackets and accessories to keep this spirit up. The idea of starting this company sprung out when we decided to sell our products in various motorcycles events and biker rallies in the California region. Slowly it gained momentum and enabled us to purchase leather items and to build our own business.

A glance in the history of West Coast Leather

West Coast Leather in San Francisco is a much-acclaimed name in the field of leather garments that made their foray into the market in 1967. We strongly identify with their high-grade leather garments and decided to associate with them by providing designer and stylish leather jackets, gear and other accessories typically made for the bikers.

At the onset of our entrepreneurial venture, we did numerous road shows in the United States with a small 5×8 logo inscribed on them. We went onto set the record of being the highest seller of quality leathers and large sizes up to 15 XL. Our products consisted of tool bags, saddle bags, boots for all genders and all sizes, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, helmets originally of West Coast Leather. Till date, we continue our original passion for selling products to the bikers on road. We proudly display and sell our products in motorcycles swap meets and rallies.

West Coast Leather has been popular among all genders and age groups of people in the United States. This is because they offer a variety of collections of leather clothing with a contemporary design touch. Another element of their clothes which makes them popular is the freedom to place order in a customized manner. You can variously choose their custom orders, corporate orders, and fine alterations. Their products are the result of the experienced hands of fine craft masters in California, come from the manufacturing factories in San Francisco and Los Angeles.