Our Process


Our Biker Apparel and Gear Manufacturing Process at a Glance

Procurement of Leather

Leather is made from the process of tanning animal hides and storing it to be used in the production of different items, such as bags, jackets, and hats. This process involves permanently changing the protein structure of the skin of animal hides. Some of the hides that are used to make leather jackets are cowhides, lambskin, antelope, buckskin, and sheepskin. As soon as these are removed from the animals, it is refrigerated, salted, or packed in brine water solution.

When it comes to shopping for biker apparel, leather is heavily favored due to its durability and style factor. It also provides a classic look that is not dirty and can last up to 30 years if maintained well.

Be a Warrior on the Road

Cowhide is mostly used in motorcycle leather and racing suits because of its strength and durability. According to experts, it brings the best crash protection guarantee for any materials.

The United States is one of the largest producers of leather garments. With this in mind, we commit ourselves to manufacturing superb leather products for bikers that are stylish, safe, and comfortable. We achieve this by sourcing only from trusted manufacturers to retain the quality and safety of our biker accessories.


Our Products

We have an extensive collection of leather accessories that offers the best in fashion and functionality to support bikers of all age groups and genders on the road. All of our products bear our logo, which is something we are proud of. It is our goal to promote our local community of bikers in California and support them with our high-quality items.


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Currently, we have been serving our customers across the world through our online store. Browse through our full product catalog on our website and leave a special request by calling us at (916) 803-6854. Wear our products today and be a winner on the road!